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Krahmer Dolls, handcrafted in Germany - are for me the most beautiful dolls on the world! A very great love started with my first

Krahmer Doll (her name was Katrinchen) which I have got as a present from my grandparents on Christmas Eve when I was 3 years old, now more than 50 years ago. Some years later my grandparents gave to me my second Krahmer, “Juri”, it was the name of the Russian cosmonaut who had surrounded the earth in a spaceship first just at that time. Two years later the third Krahmer joined my doll family and I called her Valentina after the first woman being in the space.
Visiting my grandparents in the GDR in December 1964, I was lucky in having the chance to enter a fashions show contest for dolls with Katrinchen as a skier and with Juri, needless to say as a cosmonaut. We won the first price: a scooter with pneumatic tires and a seat to fold up (never seen such a scooter again). My dolls have been like my children for years and it was my burning desire that they may become alive like Pinocchio.
Even when I had grown up my grandma has sent me two more Krahmer dolls to the West to please me.
Meanwhile my husband and my daughters are sharing in my passion collecting Krahmer dolls and the fascination of their aura which means that our Krahmer-family is growing permanently. Entering the room where our Krahmer dolls are living you can listen to their laughter and giggling delighting us with their company.
I will do it with my grandma: There won’t be a more beautiful present for my grandchildren but a Krahmer doll to start with and to keep lifelong. However, of course not out of our collection as it is impossible to give away children of your own.

You can find our Krahmer-collection in a book published by “epubli-Verlag, Berlin”.
Kay von Lang (collector and author)


text and photos copyright by Kay von Lang

<!--002--> Dolls by  our Collectors
<!--002--> Dolls by  our Collectors
<!--002--> Dolls by  our Collectors


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