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Wooden Dolls by E. Beytra

Sophisticated Wood Design by
Eva Beyerle –Traubinger. She has been designing wooden dolls since 1986.

1995 she has visited several modelling seminars.

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The first time she took part in an exhibition was in 1995, in Paris.
Private views in Duisburg, Frankfurt (Doll Art), Schloss Reinbeck, Munich and again in Paris followed. Since 2002 her dolls are exhibited at the international Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

How is a wooden doll made?
First, Eva Beyerle-Traubinger designs a model. This model is cast in bronze. The carving machine scans the bronze model and creates the respective parts
from maple wood. As the machine makes these parts about a third smaller, the bronze model is accordningly bigger.
Afterwards the very important and time consuming precision work begins. The milling head of the machine does not leave precise edges, so it takes a lot of carving work, talent and sensitivity to create the final, delicate forms.

Eva Beyerle-Traubinger’s wooden doll heads are limited to 90 dolls per set. The bodies are made of 8 parts and 7 joints, which are connected by rubber
bands. All body parts are carefully polished and treated with beeswax.

The personality of each doll comes with the painting and the matching, individually made clothes. There are never more than 5 dolls who look the same. All dolls are signed in their necks and numbered.

Eva Beyerle –Traubinger
has been designing dolls since 1986, and until 1995 she has visited several modelling seminars.


Silver medal Euro Doll

"Gläserner Feenstab" ("Glass Fairy Wand") in 1995 and 1999

Max-Oscar-Arnold art award of the town of Neustadt in 1996 and 1998

Eva Beyerle-Traubinger’s dolls are exhibited in several museums. Since 1998, there is also a collection of her dolls in Japan’s doll museum
"Izu Doll Garden".

used with permission Eva Beytra

<!--002-->Wooden Dolls by E. Beytra
<!--002-->Wooden Dolls by E. Beytra
<!--002-->Wooden Dolls by E. Beytra


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