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Amigurumis by Laurence Nagy, France

My name is Laurence, I am 46 years old, married and the mother of two children, a 21-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old teenager.

For one more month I will live near Versailles, afterwards I will move to the Côte d’Azur.

I crochet and knit since I was six years old. I have a soft spot for yarn, beads and animals, therefore it came quite naturally that I make amigurumi, and I have started my own business "les créas de laurab" (the creations of laurab), by laurabdesign


When did you start making amigurumi?
This was three or four years ago when I discovered amigurumi on Japanese websites. I considered these little personalities cute or masterly and they have inspired me. Then I found crocheted bears on American websites as well as threads on crocheting bears. My mother collects American and German teddy bears, and in order to have a unique gift for her, I have crocheted a little bear for her.

However I made my very first bear when I was 12 years old, following a guideline in a magazine. In 5th grade, I presented it with my handicraft teacher. I have always loved to create little crocheted or knitted persons, and I have always knitted many oft them. Now most oft them are crocheted.

What material do you use for making the amigurumi (and for stuffing them)?
I use all I can find in order to make my amigurumi, however basically I use cotton, most of all for the very tiny ones. The yarn must be very thin (n° 16). This sort of yarn is also used for making lace. Sometimes I use very fine Kid Mohair for my little bears.

The crochet hooks are very thin, 0.55mm or 0.75mm.I love to decorate my amigurumi, with beads on their clothes, ribbons around their heads, or satin roses, or lace etc.

For the bigger ones, I either use yarn made of acrylic wool or cotton, mohair wool or fleece wool. I use plastic discs for attaching the heads, therefore the heads of the animals can be turned.

The limbs are attached with very durable yarn. The eyes are often made of acrylic, and I like it very much to use mother of pearl. Sometimes I use little stones. The amigurumi are stuffed with antiallergic fleece material.

How much time do you need for making an amigurumi like a little bear?
Designing a model takes a very long time. Sometimes I need more than a week for the design of an amigurumi. When I have completed the design work, making it goes quite fast. I need a little more than 10 hours for one of the bigger amigurumi, and I make two or three of the smaller ones within eight hours.

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text and photos copyright by Laurence Nagy

Amigurumis by Laurence Nagy, France
Amigurumis by Laurence Nagy, France
Amigurumis by Laurence Nagy, France


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