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Vineyard Sybille Kuntz

Vineyard Lieser, Mosel, Germany Sybille Kuntz and Markus Kuntz-Riedlin are two of the leaders

Sybille Kuntz and Markus Kuntz-Riedlin are two of the leaders of the Mosel regions Riesling renaissance. The husband and wife team both came from winemaking families. Establishing a new Estate founded by a woman in the traditional German wine industry has been a challenge. However their dry and refined wines and stylish modern image have already made a splash on the international wine scene. They expand every year their vineyard holdings at the excellent locations in Lieser and Bernkastel-Kues to meet the growing demand for their wines.

The SYBILLE KUNTZ Estate has developed a reputation for being a specialist in the provision of food wines. GOLD-QUADRAT, SCHARZ and HELDEN are examples of new styles of Riesling wines. They are expressive, pure and ripe in style with a unique mineral complexity provided by the idiosyncratic growing conditions of their region. In addition noble sweet Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese wines are produced every vintage. The Hotel Adlon in Berlin, Harrods in London and the Restaurant Jean-Georges in New York City are f. e. clients that carry SYBILLE KUNTZ Riesling.

Lieser is located 4 km from Bernkastel and this area is known as the center part of the Mosel valley. Next Vineyard location south of us is Brauneberg and north Bernkastel Doktor, Graacher Himmelreich, Wehlen Sonnenuhr, Zeltingen Sonnenuhr...so they really are in the center core of the best vineyard land.

The soil in the Lieser Niederberg-Helden is blue-grey devonian slate. Slope is southsouthwest and inclination very steep up to 75 %.

Vine age from 40-90 years for all vineyards
KUNTZ-RIESLING, the Estate vine, age up to 40 years, ripeness level since 2003 ca 100°Oe
GOLD-QUADRAT 40 - 60 years ripeness level since 2003 ca 110° Oe
SCHARZ and HELD over 80 years ripeness level since 2003 120° Oe
Bevore 2005 Dreistern was the highest quality level.
BA and TBA picked during harvest from GOLD-QUADRAT, SCHARZ and HELDEN

Sustainable agriculture/acting organic is without saying naturally for us since 1990, we see only quality benefits with this vineyard management attitude. Healthy growing vines, small clusters with small berries are only a few examples of the benefits. The wines, so is our perception, are more pure and authentic in taste and always show very interesting aroma profiles. And at the end they are an expression of the particular vintage and the result of all the little details performed during the year in our vineyards. Always stimulating to us because the hard work pays of and we can taste it.
Yield level in the last five years 50 - 60 hl/ha.

The KUNTZ Riesling is an excellent quality wine picked late at harvest. The cuvee from our sites Lieser and Bernkastel-Kues is vinified as our dry SYBILLE KUNTZ-Riesling. You will find this Riesling on the wine list of famous restaurants and fine wine shops around the world. Also served for years now at state banquets or national and international political events, for example at the visit of the German Chancellor in Asia.

The story of this speciality began in 1998, as we created an innovative dry power Riesling. This is an ultra-premium quality wine. Grapes are selected from the most mature and oldest vineyard sites of the Estate and these old vines, planted in the 1920s have low yields and small berries with intense flavour profiles. We take great care to pre-pick the steep Riesling vineyards several times. Only the healthy and most mature grapes remain on the vines. The grapes continue to ripen until they reach a natural potential alcohol level of 12,5-13,5 % by vol . From these very ripe and golden yellow grapes we make the much celebrated: Gold-Quadrat. Our new dry power Riesling has aromas of honey, apricots and yellow plums. Gold-Quadrat has been served by the glass in celebrated Restaurants like Jeans-George in New York City or the Fat Duck in Berkshire, UK.

Lieser Niederberg-Helden, Grand cru site, offdry
According to an ancient old vineyard designation the SCHARZ (old german word for slate) is a very small core parcel of the Niederberg-Helden. The vines of the SCHARZ are mostly ownrooted and between 60 and 90 years old. In 2005 these small and loose berried Riesling grapes delivered a fantastic wine, that was vinified seperately in a small fermenter. This rare Riesling tastes amazingly compact and elegant at the same time.

Lieser Niederberg-Helden, Grand cru site, sweetness of an Auslese
The HELD (old German word for Hill) the sister wine of the SCHARZ is called also after a very small parcel of Niederberg-Helden and means the center part of the mountain. Here we could retain some old vines from the 20ties. The distinct fruit sweetness and the ripe acidity are well pronounced through the alcohol and perfectly balanced This Riesling has a wonderful concentration and prolonged finish.

Both wines SCHARZ and HELDEN are made at least partly like the great Mosel wines of the turn of the last century. The wines are very unusual in style and you may not find anybody else who has the empathy (or say “guts”) to let the wines ferment and develop their own style like these two examples.

These fruit sweet Riesling-Auslesen are in the Oechsle-range of a
Beerenauslese. But he proportion of Botrytis like in a Beerenauslese is very small and only the pure ripe fruit is pressed. Towards the end of the harvest the higher qualities equal higher wine numbers are coming into the cellar. In recent years the fruit sweet Auslese became always the No 8 so we decided to put the Number as a designation on the label.

The record vintage 2003 produced sugar readings for Beerenauslesen that were tremendously high and seemingly unique. But the vintage 2005 brought similiar high sugar readings. The spezial selection RIESLING BEEREN 2005 had a sugar weight of 180° Oechsle. The significant Acidity of 11,0 g/l gives the lucious residual sweetness a wonderful balance. The nobel sweet Riesling-BA has Armoas of honey, raisins and dates.

The Riesling TBA is a step up to the BA and is produce only in very little quantities. The basis is always a fantastic where as the berries of botrytis are dried through the sun shine on the vines. Despite the laboursome collection of the dry rains only a few Kilogramms can be collected and pressed as a TBA.

Vineyard Lieser from Germany

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Vineyard  Sybille Kuntz
Vineyard  Sybille Kuntz


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