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Seelenpuppen from Germany

Eva Büttner, "Extra Hours For The Soul!" tell you about her doll making. It is very interesting to lern more about this cloth dolls.

Dear doll parents,
I would like to introduce two of my dolls, which are looking for loving doll parents.
In my workshops “Extra Hours For The Soul” (www.extrastunde.com) adults produce little dolls for their youngest. During the sessions I make step by step an exemplar of my own. Later it is available for those who have no time to make a doll themselves.
The dolls have a length of about 30cm and weigh near 150 grams. The filling is 100% sheep-wool. The fabric for the body and the clothing is cotton or silk. The hairs are mohair. Therefore the whole doll can be washed by hand with common laundry detergent.

Cap and clothing are sewed to the doll. There are no small parts that could be swallowed.

The unique feature of these handmade dolls is that each movement, each needle-stitch and all creativity are done in sheltered love and care. Each doll carries this love and passes it to the future doll-mothers and – fathers. An industrially made doll is missing this “soul”.

Perhaps you are astonished to find no visible faces on my dolls. They are hidden only for us adults. The little ones with their unlimited imagination are able to think up eyes, mouth and nose and so give free way for their natural play. Which eyes are open always or always closed in a lying position? Which mouth always has the same shape and is never twisted?

About Eva Büttner
Eva Büttner, born 1964 in Meißen (Germany),
Tailor, Pedagogue, Nutritional advisor, and mother
Owner of the learning center ”Extrastunde” in
64673 Zwingenberg, Germany

Please order this doll via www.extrastunde.com!

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text and photos copyright by Eva Büttner

Extra Information:
For more information, please visit this related webpage.

Seelenpuppen from Germany
Seelenpuppen from Germany
Seelenpuppen from Germany


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