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Krahmer Doll - History

History of the Krahmer-Doll
The first Krahmer Doll was born in the year of 1947, in Germany, which had been destroyed by World War II. Today, the Krahmer doll is well established among German dollmakers.

Hildegard Krahmer, internationally renowned craftworker, made her first dolls for her own children. In the following years, the natural and lovely charisma of these little beings made the slogan "Kuck in die Welt" ("Look at the World"), which is characteristic for the brand name Krahmer doll, well-known even outside Germany.

Until today, with a lot of love and her exquisite taste she designs new doll models - each of them being a little personality. According to the philosophy of the founder of the company, the dolls are made in small numbers only.
Now, after more than 60 years, the Krahmer doll has still not lost any of its charisma and fascination. A small team makes the dolls by hand and provides excellent quality. The heads, which are made of limewood and hand-carved, still come from a part of Germany where carving has been a tradition for a few hundred years. Each face is being individually painted by hand and makes each doll an original. The high-quality clothes are especially designed for each doll.. The clothes disappear from the collection together with the dolls when a complete limited edition has been sold.
Krahmer Dolls are only made in small numbers and there are never more than 100 dolls (play dolls 300 ) who look alike. This is one of the reasons why doll lovers and collectors all around the world like them so much. Also in the future, this exclusivity will be part of the company's philosophy.
Each doll is individually handmade. The heads are made of limewood and hand-carved. Little differences between the dolls can therefore not be avoided. We try to keep these differences as little as possible. However, in rare cases, more-than-dolls may change fabrics, colors and appliqués at the clothes as well as the accessories without further notice. Therefore, customers are not entitled to demand dolls which are 100% identical with the models on the photos.

Text and photos copyright Gudrun Gläser, more-than-dolls (Germany). Small photo copyrigth by Kerra Davis, USA.

Krahmer Doll - History
Krahmer Doll - History
Krahmer Doll - History


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