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Erika Catellani

Erika Catellani The dolls Erika Catellani creates are not the usual babies found in childrens rooms today.

Their feelings can easily be read from their lively, natural, hand-painted faces, which are a true work of art. However, the artists work does not end here. Her ability to design the heads, arms and legs, which are carved from the finest sycamore wood, is unique.

A visit in the doll-making workshop
Thirteen years ago, after attending many doll-making courses and seminars, Erika Catellani began to create her own models. She formed the original out of a special mass and then she began with the realization.
Afterwards Mrs. Catellani fine tuned the faces and their expressions, and in the same way made the arms and legs. In order to obtain several copies of the same model, she had bronze moulds of the designs made. In this way, the heads, arms and legs could be reproduced more than once. Nevertheless each doll had a completely different look, due to the clothing, hair and painting (each doll face is hand-painted by the artist). Therefore Erika Catellani prevents any type of mass production and each doll has its own character and characteristics.

The very first time she participated in an international doll contest, Erika Catellani was awarded the highest prize (the EURODOLL ) . She entered the contest without any expectations to win a medal. The dolls were judged by categories (wood, porcelain, etc.) and points were given based on creativity, painting, clothing, use of materials and overall impression.
Erika Catellanis wooden doll Anna got even extra points and won the EURODOLL. Mrs. Catellani thought to herself that this is the kind of luck you have only once in a lifetime. The selection criteria are so strict that in some years the EURODELL prize is not given to anybody at all. But then, one year later Erika Catellani received her second EURODOLL title with Lisa , and in the following year she took the highest prize home again.
Erika Catellani named her dolls, Swiss Dolls. With all the top awards she has received, her already well-known dolls have now become more valuable collectors items.

used with permission Erika Catellani

Erika Catellani
Erika Catellani
Erika Catellani


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