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Wooden Dolls by Helga Weich

Wooden Dolls by Helga WeichAlready as a child, making simple dolls was Helga Weich's favorite pastime.

After she had finished school, she finished a training as dressmaker and gentlemen’s tailor, continued her education and became a fashion designer, and later worked as manageress. Afterwards she started molding doll heads from alabaster and carnet, and soon created her first porcelain doll. Dolls made of wood followed. Helga Weich prefers to have living models. The children from her neighborhood served as inspiration source. Her daughter was her first model.

Other than the early wooden dolls, which were also called „skeins“, today’s wooden dolls are extremely flexible and it is very well possible to imitate natural body movements with them. Helga Weich creates baby dolls with heads made of wood, whose textile body is filled with granulate. She also makes dolls whose heads, hands and feet are made of wood. These dolls also have a textile body. The legs of both kinds of dolls are connected to the body by disk joints.

A „perfect wooden doll“ is completely made of maple wood and has fully flexible joints. All dolls made by Helga Weich have a signature and are protected by copyright; some of them are also patent-registered.

Helga Weich regularly presents her dolls at big international exhibitions, as well as at smaller exhibitions in Bavaria, Switzerland, Japan and the USA. She received the „Blue Ribbon“ award of the Doll Artisan Guild in the USA, followed by awards in competitions in Salzburg and Amsterdam. In the Bavarian arts-and-crafts society (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein e.V.), one can visit her dolls all-the-year.

Text by Helga Weich and more-than-dolls.

Wooden Dolls by Helga Weich
Wooden Dolls by Helga Weich


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