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Annedore Krebs

Historie of the little wooden dolls
The craft worker Katharina Charlotte Rehm-Wagner developed a varied range of wooden dolls at the beginning of the thirties of the last century.

More than 40 years she produced these dolls in her workshop in Grünhainichen in the Erzgebirge (small town in a mountain range in Saxony, east Germany).
Her fairy tail figures, traditionally styled dolls and little dolls for dollhouses became known far about the borders of Saxony because the were especially situated for playing thanks to their lovely design and flexibility.
When I was a child I still experienced Mrs. Rehm-Wagner and played with her dolls.

After my training as a producer of wooden toys in Grünhainichen and Seiffen (world renowned town for the production of wooden toys) I in 1986 started to revive the tradition of Mrs. Rehm-Wagner.

Beside the original design I developed new ideas for the figures with my preference for material given by the nature.
I make wooden dolls with joints in two sizes: Children with a height of 7,5 cm and the adults with 12,5cm height. The joint are kept movable with durable rubber bands. Should the band break despite all it is very easy to replace. No dolls repairer is necessary.
The adults have an additional knee joint. All wooden parts are made from maple wood, free of splinters and therefore very situated for playing.

The wooden dolls with joints are able to stand, to sit and to do gymnastics. There are no limitations for the fantasy. They even can turn their and our head.

And so you recognize my dolls. My logo is always coined on the sole of the right foot.

text and picture by Annedore Krebs

Annedore Krebs
Annedore Krebs
Annedore Krebs


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